Individual Treatment

Individual Therapy

Dr. Swan is passionate about helping people get past the issues that are holding them back from living a fulfilled life. These range from self-limiting beliefs, to daily setbacks and life traumas. She is forward thinking with individual treatment and will strive to help you remove what may be blocking you while helping you formulate the most fulfilling way forward. We look to the past only as far as we need to move forward. Sometimes it’s those childhood experiences that tint how we view the world today and rectifying those views can mean the difference between you struggling or thriving. Dr. Swan wants to help you get what you need, and move forward as soon as possible using some of the following, evidence based techniques.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

CBT is a well researched modality that helps clients overcome unhelpful thoughts and beliefs. Clients will change their behaviours and the way they interact with the world around them. It uses concrete activities to help identify thoughts, feelings and behaviours, then empower the client to make the changes necessary to achieve their desired life. It teaches skills that will be used well into the future.

Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT)

CPT is one of the most empirically validated treatments for PTSD. It utilizes components of CBT in a highly structured format to treat symptoms of PTSD after a wide variety of traumas. CPT aims to help clients challenge and modify unhelpful beliefs related to the trauma resulting in a new understanding of the trauma that reduces ongoing negative impact on ones’ life.

EMDR Therapy

EMDR therapy is an evidence based therapy. It offer a process for re-processing symptoms and distress related to past disturbing experiences by stimulating the brain’s own unique healing mechanism while helping to remove blocks. It is more of a client lead therapy than clinician interpreted. Dr. Swan has been practicing with EMDR for 10 years and is a Certified EMDR Therapist with EMDRIA and a member of EMDR Canada.

Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART)

ART is an evidenced based, eye movement therapy that guides clients in processing negative sensations and replacing negative images associated with difficult or traumatic experiences. ART allows the client to process their traumas without the need to go into depth descriptions or explanations of them. It is a highly procedural modality that differs from traditional talk therapies. For more information, go to:

Emotionally Focused Therapy

Emotionally Focused therapy is an experiential humanistic approach to psychotherapy based in attachment science. Originally created for couples and families, it has been expanded for work with individuals. It relies on the use of emotion in relation to important others in our lives and strengthening our bonds. Some examples of where Emotionally focused therapy is helpful is individuals who have suffered trauma, have had difficult relationships in childhood with parents or caregivers and those who have struggled in their adult interpersonal relationships.

Solutions Focused Brief Therapy

I have been working with Solutions focused therapy for many years and have found that it can be the push many need to get moving in the right direction again. It is brief and focused on moving forward with solutions generation instead of getting stuck in the past.

Positive Psychology

I have trained in Positive Psychology, which is essentially the study of how people live a fulfilled and happy life. I use this information with clients to help them find what makes them happy and build more of that into their daily routines and goals. We work together to identify strengths and find new, innovative ways to capitalize on them.

We all deal with life’s challenges differently and I want to help you find the ideal coping mechanisms for your particular life’s challenges. Your happiness is my goal!

Dr. Jamie Swan is happy to work with individuals aged 13+ seeking help in the following areas:

  • Trauma and Post-traumatic Stress
  • Depression and Mood Concerns
  • Anxiety
  • Men’s Issues
  • Women’s Issues
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Stress Management
  • Return to Work
  • Relationship Concerns
  • Marital Counselling
  • Separation Counselling
  • Grief, Loss and Life Transitions
  • Personal Growth

Dr. Swan also helps individuals who are stuck in their careers and looking for new paths. She offers interest exploration, strengths matching and can assist in decision making. She offers different inventories to help clients identify their strengths and interests then match those to possible career paths. For more information, see psychological assessments.