Do I Need a Referral?

In most cases a referral is not required. Clients are encouraged to check with their extended health insurance company (if applicable) as to whether they require a referral for coverage.

What Can I Expect in the First Session?

In your first session, Dr. Swan will gather information about your concern, your background, relevant health and mental health history. You will be asked about any coping strategies you have, any previous therapy you may have had and how long you have been experiencing difficulties. In some cases, this conversation will continue in the next meeting as a treatment plan is created. You will be involved in formulating your treatment plan. Relevant information on risks, benefits and alternatives will be provided to aid in decision making.

How Long are Appointments?

Appointments for treatment run for 50-minutes of face to face time, with the remaining 10 minutes reserved for documenting the session and treatment planning subsequent sessions. This is standard for private practice psychologists.

Psychological assessments vary in time, based on requirements. This will be discussed with you in the first consultation.

What are the fees?

Fees vary depending on the nature of services rendered. All fees are set in accordance with provincial guidelines set out for the profession. You will be notified of your fees prior to your first appointment.

See Fees for information on payment.

What if I have to Cancel?

If you need to cancel or change your appointment, please contact Dr. Swan at least 48 hours prior to your appointment (not including weekends – by Thursday for Monday appointments). This allows someone else the opportunity to book a session. A fee will be charged for appointments cancelled inside the 48 hours barring extreme circumstances.

What is the Privacy Policy?

The information you share in session is considered to be confidential and will not be shared with anyone else without your written consent to do so. In the following cases, psychologists’ are bound by both legal and ethical obligations to breech confidentiality:

  • There is a clear and substantial risk of you harming yourself or another identifiable person. This may mean calling an emergency contact or emergency services to ensure yours or others safety.
  • If it is necessary to protect an identifiable child from abuse or neglect consistent with legal requirements
  • If it is necessary to protect an identifiable vulnerable adult from abuse or neglect who is unable to seek support or assistance for abuse or neglect
  • Where there is a lawful requirement for me to do so such as under a court subpoena. If you are involved with the courts, be aware I can be called upon to testify.
  • If Dr. Swan becomes aware of another health care provider who has acted unethically with a patient, she is required to report this to the appropriate Regulatory body/authority.

If one of the above situations should arise, Dr. Swan will make every reasonable effort to discuss this with you and in the case of making a report, she will limit the information shared to what is reasonably necessary to deal with the threat. This policy will be discussed with clients in their first appointment.

See Privacy Policy for more information.