Do I Need a Referral?

In most cases a referral is not required. Clients are encouraged to check with their extended health insurance company (if applicable) as to whether they require a referral for coverage.

What Can I Expect in the First Session?

In your first session, Dr. Swan will gather information about your concern, your background, relevant health and mental health history. You will be asked about any coping strategies you have, any previous therapy you may have had and how long you have been experiencing difficulties. In some cases, this conversation will continue in the next meeting as a treatment plan is created. You will be involved in formulating your treatment plan. Relevant information on risks, benefits and alternatives will be provided to aid in decision making.

How Long are Appointments?

Appointments for treatment run for 50-minutes of face to face time, with the remaining 10 minutes reserved for documenting the session and treatment planning subsequent sessions. This is standard for private practice psychologists.

Psychological assessments vary in time, based on requirements. This will be discussed with you in advance of your appointment.

What is Psychoeducational Assessment?

Psychoeducational assessment seeks to answer questions about an individual’s intellectual and academic performance. Common tests used include intelligence tests, achievement tests and behavioral tests. Dr. Swan conducts these assessments with individuals aged 4+

What are Other Common Types of Assessment?

Other types psychological Assessment often conducted are in areas of mood, behavior, personality and career interests. Such assessments often include a structured or semi-structured clinical interview, review of relevant medical records, and use of various types of inventories. Dr. Swan conducts these assessments with individuals aged 4+.